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A. While our physical address is listed as 8305 Lynn Drive, Indianapolis, IN, we actually do not have a retail establishment; the address listed is the location of our shop and design studios. Crowe IT prefers to come to you because it is much
easier to diagnose an issue while it is hooked into YOUR system. This saves time and frustration especially if the PC works after getting it to the shop. If it is determined the issue cannot be fixed while at your location, we will take the PC
back to the shop to complete the necessary repairs.
Q. Where are you located?
A. The time involved in solving any issue you may have with your PC can depend on many factors, however in most cases your PC will be ready in 24 to 48 hours. We at Crowe IT are aware of how important it is to stay connected” in today's world. Whether it is a personal computer or a business PC or Workstation, Crowe IT guarantees fast, reliable service to each and every client.
Q. How long will I be without a computer?
Q. Do you offer Training?
A. Yes. We offer training on a variety of software packages. Contact us at 317-285-9949 for additional details.
Q. Do you sell parts?
A. Yes. Quite often we will have used parts that are fully tested and if determined to be in fine working condition, are offered for sale to our clients at extremely discounted rates. These parts are sold with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee upon the return of the failed part, postmarked or physically returned within the 30 day time frame.
Q. Do you offer Data Recovery Services?
A. Crowe IT does not offer Data Recovery Services at this time. We hope to be able to offer these services to you in the near future.
Q. Can you access and fix my Computer from a remote location?
A. Yes we can.
Q. Do you custom build computers?
A. Yes. Through our partners Crowe IT can custom build a PC(s) to your specifications. Custom builds are assembled by Crowe I.T. or one of our partners, either way, you can be assured that Crowe IT will be there to stand behind our product.
Q. Do you repair Laptops?
A. Yes. We do some repair work on laptops; however we do not get into major repair work. It is better to return the laptop to the manufacturer for work that requires major dissemble and reassembly. Contact us we will be better able to tell you if we can repair your particular issue or not.
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